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ADHD in the News - June 20, 2013
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ADHD in the News - June 20, 2013

A weekly news digest** from the National Resource Center on ADHD: A Program of CHADD

  1. A Nation of Kids With Gadgets and ADHD (Mobiledia, June 17, 2013)

    "The rise in ADHD has coincided with the rise of mobile devices. According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, children on average spend nearly seven and a half hours each day staring at screens. That's up 20 percent from just five years ago. Is there a relationship between the two? Yes -- but it's not so clear-cut..." Full Story

  2. Study Drugs Under Fire: Can Chuck Schumer Stop ‘Academic Doping’? (The Daily Beast, June 18, 2013)

    "The New York Democrat has a new plan to crack down on the widespread misuse of Adderall and other prescription stimulants on college campuses. But can they ever really be controlled? The widespread misuse of Adderall and other ADHD medication on New York’s college campuses has come to the attention of the state’s senior U.S. senator—and Chuck Schumer wants a crackdown. Pointing to studies suggesting that up to 35 percent of college and university students use prescription stimulants to study, Schumer said Sunday that “using Adderall as a study drug is academic doping..." Full Story

  3. ADHD, obesity, and understanding what makes you tick [audio] (NewsWorks, June 17, 2013)

    "A long-term study that followed people with ADHD over 3 decades found a link between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity. In their weekly conversation, WHYY's behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott and psychologist Dan Gottlieb discuss this study, and also explore its impact on people living with the disorder..." Full Story

  4. Actor tells graduates ADD an opportunity, not a curse (The Chronicle Herald, June 15, 2013)

    "Attention deficit disorder is not a curse, says Canadian actor Patrick McKenna. “It’s an opportunity to allow yourself to be the best possible person you can be,” McKenna said Friday in an address to graduates of Landmark East School, a co-ed international school in Wolfville for students diagnosed with learning disabilities in grades 3 through 12. McKenna, 53, has been dealing with the disorder for most of his life..." Full Story

  5. Working Memory Capacity Is Not Impaired in ADHD (GoodTherapy.org, June 12, 2013)

    "One of the most significant deficits repeatedly found in research is that of working memory. But the particular effects and influences of WM impairment are still unclear and few studies have been able to demonstrate how WM impairment affects cognitive performance. To address this gap in literature, Marjolein Spronk of the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University in the Netherlands recently led a study comparing the WM in a sample of ADHD adolescents and non-ADHD adolescents..." Full Story

  6. Research shows moves to ban pay-to-delay deals are justified (PhysOrg, June 18, 2013)

    "Controversial deals that delay generic versions of drugs coming onto the market can lead to consumers paying significantly more for some treatments, according to new research by an academic from the University of East Anglia (UEA). Dr Farasat Bokhari's study shows that moves to investigate and ban pay-to-delay deals – which typically involve a branded manufacturer holding a drug patent paying a rival generic firm to delay the release of its cheaper version – are justified..." Full Story

**Disclaimer: Neither CHADD, the National Resource Center on ADHD, nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorses, supports, represents or guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any included articles nor endorses any opinions expressed in any articles included in ADHD in the News. CHADD and the National Resource Center on ADHD merely provide access to such content as a service to you.

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