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ADHD in the News - July 22, 2014
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ADHD in the News - July 22, 2014

A weekly news digest** from the National Resource Center on ADHD: A Program of CHADD

  1. Persistence of Parent-Reported Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms from Childhood through Adolescence in a Community Sample (CDC, July 18, 2014)

    "The [new study published in Journal of Attention Disorders] found that as children got older, parents reported fewer ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity (for example, fidgeting, interrupting), but continued to report inattentive symptoms (for example, being forgetful or easily distracted) into adolescence. Therefore, families living with ADHD and clinicians should be aware that certain ADHD symptoms can often last into adolescence..." Full Story

  2. ADHD Risk from Smoking in Pregnancy (dailyRx News, July 20, 2014)

    "It's pretty common knowledge that smoking isn't good for you, and smoking during pregnancy isn't good for either of you. A new study [published in Pediatrics] adds to that knowledge with more information on the risks of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy. Children were more likely to have ADHD if both their parents smoked than if neither parent smoked..." Full Story

  3. Analyzing brain patterns with EEG can help predict effective use of medication (Health Canal, July 18, 2014)

    "When a behavioral problem such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is diagnosed, selecting medication to best treat it can become a matter of trial and error. Analyzing brain patterns by using electroencephalography (EEG) can help predict which medicine will offer the best result and thus lower the risk of adverse drug events....The current issue of the journal Biofeedback offers evidence that quantitative EEG assessment can refine the selection of medications by detecting brain patterns..." Full Story

  4. Do I Have to Stop Taking My ADHD Medication During Rehab? (PsychCentral, July 2014)

    "Drug rehab centers put a number of guidelines in place to ensure the safety of their patients, many of which are challenged by recovering addicts looking for as much normalcy and comfort as possible during the difficult early stages of recovery. One of the most frequently asked questions is: Why no Adderall to treat my ADHD during treatment?..." Full Story

  5. Vyvanse Outperforms Another ADHD Drug in Head-to-head Competition (HCPLive, July 21, 2014)

    "In a pair of phase 4 efficacy and safety studies, Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) was deemed “statistically superior” to Concerta (methylphenidate HCl) on primary analysis with “mean reductions on the ADHD Rating Scale-IV (RS-IV) total score of 25.4 and 22.1 points, respectively,” according to a statement from drugmaker Shire PLC..." Full Story

  6. 'A serious epidemic' — mentally ill speak of struggles (Montgomery Advertiser, July 19, 2014)

    "At age 44, the longest Lisa Vinsant has held a job is 18 months...Vinsant is one of about 187,000 adults in Alabama who live with a serious mental illness. Almost 90 percent of these adults are unemployed. That rate is about 10 percent higher than the national average, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which views the statistic as more about the lack of support for this group of people than it does about the economy..." Full Story

  7. MIND Institute researchers seek infants for study on early signs of autism and ADHD (Health Canal, July 17, 2014)

    "UC Davis MIND Institute researchers are seeking participants for a new study that will examine the early development of infants who have an older sibling with autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or who are developing typically. In an effort to detect the earliest signs of developmental problems, the researchers will test a new online screening measure that uses videos to help parents track their infants’ development..." Full Story

**Disclaimer: Neither CHADD, the National Resource Center on ADHD, nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorses, supports, represents or guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any included articles nor endorses any opinions expressed in any articles included in ADHD in the News. CHADD and the National Resource Center on ADHD merely provide access to such content as a service to you.

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