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Classroom Management

Good classroom managers have efficient classrooms that meet the educational and psychological needs of their students. Classrooms are structured so that rules and routines are well known by the students and consistently followed. Transitions among lessons and activities are smooth. The teacher is able to give the impression that the he or she is aware of all activities by students in the classroom.

Teachers with good classroom management skills meet the educational and personality needs of their students, regardless of their students' abilities and special needs. Student misbehavior especially misbehavior related to ADHD symptoms, can be prevented by careful attention to the following:

  • the physical environment of the classroom (including minimizing distracting classroom displays)
  • establishing and practicing with the students rules and procedures for routines and classroom tasks
  • organizing lesson plans and instruction in a way that minimizes interruptions
  • increasing teacher awareness in the classroom by letting students know you are aware of their actions at all times

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