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Ask the Expert Archive


Jan. 14 Timothy Wilens, MD The Role of Medication in Managing Children's ADHD Symptoms Slides
Jan. 29 Ari Tuckman, PsyD How Executive Functions Affect Adult Relationships Slides
Feb. 5 David Goodman, MD The Representation of ADHD in the Media Slides
Feb. 11 Erica Anderson Wodka, Ph.D., ABPP-CN The Relationship Between ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder Slides
Feb. 26 Sandra Rief ADHD in the Classroom: Management Strategies and Student Supports Slides
March 12 Thomas E. Brown, PhD Emotions and Motivation in ADHD Slides
March 26 Russell A. Barkley, PhD How ADHD Impairs Major Life Activities Slides
April 9 Melanie Whetzel, MA ADHD in the Workplace: Finding Success Slides
April 16 Wendy Davis ADHD, African Americans and Success: The lived experience of actress Wendy Davis Slides
May 21 Heather Hebdon ADHD & Military Families: Resources for Service Members Slides
May 28 Ann Abramowitz, PhD ADHD Out-of-School: Parenting During the Summer Slides
June 4 Thomas Phelan, PhD Lying: Why kids lie and what to do about it Slides
June 18 Chris Ziegler Dendy, MS Surviving the Ride: Parenting Adolescents with ADHD Slides
June 24 F. Xavier Castellanos, MD El TDAH: Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de los Niños y Jóvenes Slides
July 9 Linda E. Spencer, Ph.D., CCC Children's Communication Challenges: Is It Attention, Language, or Both? Slides
Aug 20 Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster The ADHD Coach That Is Best For Me Slides
Aug 27 Tanya Froehlich, MD, MS The Role of Developmental Pediatricians in Diagnosing and Treating ADHD Slides
Sept. 10 Theresa Maitland, PhD On Their Own: Helping College Students with ADHD Slides
Oct. 16 Ann Schulte, PhD School Interventions: Three-Tier Models and ADHD Slides
Oct. 22 Daniel Cox, PhD ADHD & Driving: Driver Safety When Coping with ADHD Symptoms Slides
Nov. 6 Margaret Foster, MAEd Setting realistic school expectations for students with ADHD Slides
Nov. 22 William Pelham, PhD Behavior Management and Combined Treatment for Children with ADHD Slides
Dec. 3 Megan Murphy, MEd, DT Holiday Gifts for Children with ADHD Slides


Nov. 20 Robert Tudisco, Esq. IEPs v. 504 Plans: What’s the Difference? Slides
Oct. 24 Ruth Hughes, PhD Combating Stigma and Addressing Myths about ADHD Slides
Oct. 8 Craig Surman, MD The Adult ADHD appointment: Helping your doctor, therapist, or coach help you Slides
Sept. 4 Joshua Langberg, PhD Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in School: Homework, Organization and Planning Tips Slides
August 13 Mark Wolraich, MD Preventing Medication Diversion Among Teens & Young Adults Slides
July 10 Mary Solanto, PhD DSM-5 and ADHD Slides
June 19 José Bauermeister, PhD Comprendiendo y Ayudando a Nuestros Niños y Niñas con Déficit de Atención - Understanding and Helping our Children with ADHD Slides
May 31 Craig Surman, MD Thriving and Striving with Adult ADHD: Personalize your Treatment Plan Slides
April 4 Susanna Visser, MS Children, Medications, and Heart Safety: A Tale of ADHD and Public Health Slides
March 20 Mark Bertin, MD Mindfulness and Parenting a Child with ADHD Slides
Feb. 13 Scott Kollins, PhD, MS ADHD and Smoking Slides
Jan. 16
Jan. 18
Jerome Schultz, PhD

Helping Children with ADHD/LD Conquer Chronic Stress:
Part 1   Part 2



Dec. 19 Ahren Hoffman, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Choosing Gifts for Children Affected by ADHD
Nov. 28 E. Mark Mahone, PhD, ABPP ADHD in Preschool Children
Oct. 17 Barbara Howard, MD ADHD and Oppositional Behavior in Children
Sept. 19 Theresa E. Laurie Maitland, PhD "Ready for Take-Off: Preparing Teens with ADHD/LD for College"
Aug. 15 Stephanie Sarkis, PhD Managing Money with ADHD
July 24 Yamalis Diaz, PhD Strategies for Parenting Children with ADHD in Hispanic/Latino Families
June 13 Roberto Olivardia, PhD ADHD and Eating Disorders
May 23 Judith Bass, CEP ADHD and the College Transition
April 18 Heather A. Jones, PhD African American Families and ADHD
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