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Books for Children: NRC Staff Favorites

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The staff of the National Resource Center on ADHD has compiled a list of our favorite books written for children with ADHD. These are written in a child and family friendly format, with child friendly language to explain ADHD symptoms and treatments.

More detailed information on each title is available from the NRC Library's online database.

  • Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention, by Kathleen Nadeau and Ellen Dixon. This guidebook for children with attention problems helps them learn ways to deal with problems such as getting ready for school in the morning, cleaning the room, doing homework, and making friends. It includes a section on projects to do with parents.
  • How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger, by Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis. Filled with solid information, sound advice, and humor, this book offers tips and techniques to help children understand anger, and how to deal with it in healthy, positive ways.
  • Cory Stories, by Jeanne Kraus.This book details the difficulties of being a child with ADHD and how behavioral intervention can be a beneficial treatment.
  • Shelley The Hyperactive Turtle, by Deborah Moss.
    After getting into trouble by not paying attention, Shelley the turtle is diagnosed with ADHD and his behavior improves.
  • 80HD: A Child's Perspective on ADHD, by Dr. Trish Wood. This story summarizes the thoughts and experiences of Parker, a child with ADHD.
  • Ethan Has Too Much Energy, by Lawrence E. Shapiro. Tells the story of an active impulsive boy, who with the help of a counselor, learns to calm himself down, focus on one task at a time, and organize his work.
  • The Girls Guide to AD/HD, by Beth Walker. Written for teenaged girls with ADHD, this book answers all of the questions that girls have about the causes of ADHD; how counseling, coaching, and medications can help; how to cope with school and homework; how to get along better with family and friends.
  • A Walk in the Rain With A Brain, by Edward Hallowell. A young girl named Lucy meets a brain that tells her a story about how everyone is smart in different ways.
  • My Brother's a World-Class Pain, by Michael Gordon. This story about an older sister's efforts to deal with her active and impulsive brother sends the clear message to siblings of the ADHD child that they can play an important role in a family's quest for change.
  • Lucky Horseshoes: A tale from The Iris the Dragon Series, by Gayle Grass. The book illustrates through its images and words the feelings and thoughts of an ADHD child.


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